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FAQs and Links

What philosophy courses are offered next semester? They are listed on the "Course Brochure", found on the Philosophy Department's web site.

Are you willing to direct independent research projects? Yes! My primary research interests concern the philosophy of evolutionary biology and genetics, but I have followed this general topic in many different directions, including work on: levels of selection, evolutionary epistemology, evolutionary psychology, reductionism, and the unity of science. I would welcome students who are interested in working on these (or similar) topics. In the last few years, I have directed student projects on: inductive logic, Steven Jay Gould's philosophy of biology, the ethics of genetic engineering, and the evolutionary psychology of religion. If you're interested in independent research, please let me know -- the earlier the better!

What can you do with a philosophy major? Lots of things! Many pre-professional programs (e.g., law and medical schools) value a degree in philosophy. Many (enlightened) people in business appreciate that philosophical training produces graduates with excellent problem-solving and communication skills. Finally, it is relatively easy to pursue a double major (combining philosophy and another, more career-oriented major). The department has produced a handbook with information about what our majors have done after graduation.  Hard copies are available in the department office (14 Glebe St.).

What are some of the best electronic resources on philosophy? Our library contains a wealth of philosophy resources. Many philosophy-related databases are collected in the Philosophy Subject Guide.  I particularly recommend the MacMillan Encyclopedia of Philosophy, the Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy, and the Philosopher's Index. (The latter will take you to the primary literature and so is only for more advanced students.) Also, the American Philosophical Association maintains a list web resources.

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